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A county-wide elected office with a four year term.  The Treasurer Ex-Officio

Position of Dunklin County is held by Nina Breedon Rhew.  Mrs. Rhew has held this position since May of 2000, when she was appointed by Governor Carnahan, and then was elected in August of 2000.  This office also has two clerks, Kathy Rasberry and Angela Casey.


Dunklin County consists of eight townships which are Buffalo, Salem, Clay, Independence, Holcomb, Freeborn, Cotton Hill, and Union.


This position combines the duties of the County Treasurer and the County Ex-Officio Collector of Delinquent taxes, Railroad and Utilities taxes, Surtax, Merchant License, and Auctioneer License.  The Treasurer Ex-Officio Collector receives and disburses all funds for the county and ensures that all monies collected are correctly segregated into separate funds as required by law.  The duties as collector include the responsibility of accounting and distributing all delinquent taxes collected monthly to individual taxing authorities within the county which have certified property tax levies, settling with the Township Collectors each month of their collection term, issuing duplicate tax receipts, and etc.  Primary tax records are maintained and held within the office for public use.


Our goal is to conduct our office with accountability, friendliness and integrity.  We strive to help our customers to better understand about their taxes.

Contact Us

Nina L. Rhew- Treasurer
& Ex-Officio Collector

PO Box 445
Kennett, MO 63857

Kathy Rasberry- Clerk
Angela Casey- Clerk

Phone # 573-888-2180
Fax # 573-888-2180

Announcements and Events

  • Merchant License fees are due January 1, 2004.
  • Delinquent Land Tax Sale is August 23, 2004.
Online Services

We regret that your current Real Estate and Personal Taxes cannot be paid online because Dunklin County is Township organized.

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Missouri County Collector's Association

Office Information

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Current real estate and personal property taxes are payable to Township Collectors from November 1st through December 31st without interest or penalties.  Mailed taxes must have an official US Post Office postmark on or before December 31st to be considered paid on time.  (Any delinquent real estate and personal tax must be paid before the township collector can accept payment for current taxes.  All personal property tax must be paid before getting license.)  Township Collectors will collect current taxes through February 29th, 2004.  Then, they will turn all unpaid taxes over to the delinquent office in the Courthouse to be paid there.  If paying after December 31st, please check for any penalties that will be added.  If you do not receive a statement by December 1st, please contact your township collector.


Delinquent taxes, Railroad and Utility taxes, Surtax, and Merchant Licenses are always paid to the Dunklin County Collector.  They may be paid by check, cash or money order.  Partial payments are not accepted by Township Collectors or the delinquent office.  Non receipt of a tax statement does not waive any penalties.  It is up to each individual to know that their taxes are paid.

Office Hours

Office hours are 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
& 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Closed for all State and Federal Holidays.


Dunklin County Courthouse
Room 203 Court House Square
Kennett, MO 63857

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