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The Town of Hempstead Receiver of Taxes
Credit Card and Electronic Check Payment System
Although school taxes are collected by the Town's Receiver of Taxes, payments are forwarded to your local school district and, if applicable, a local library district. Hempstead Town plays no role in setting school tax rate and does not benefit from these payments. Your local board of education, which is independently elected, and over which the town has no control, establishes your school budget. For more information about your school taxes, contact your local school district.
Payment by credit card will incur a convenience fee of 2.5%. Payment by electronic check will incur a convenience fee of $2.00. These fees are not paid to the Town of Hempstead, they are paid to Official Payments Corporation for processing the transaction. The Town of Hempstead does not profit from this convenience fee.
Please note: Only the current, open tax year can be paid. Once a tax levy is closed, payments should be made to the Nassau County Treasurer. Please contact the Nassau County Treasurer's Office to pay past taxes and open tax liens.
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For best results, please enter your bill number for the tax bill you wish to pay. The bill number consists of 10 digits and is located in the top-left corner of your tax bill. Make sure you are using the current year's bill number, as bill numbers change from year to year. Once you enter your bill number, please be sure that the address of the property you wish to pay taxes is correct on the next screen.
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If you do not have your bill number available, you can search for your property using the school district, section, block and lot in the fields below. Use the building and unit fields for condominium and cooperative apartments only.
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