How To Safely Handle Guns at a Shooting Range

handling a firearm

So you are contemplating becoming a member at a New Jersey Shooting Range nearby, and you are wondering how to carry yourself so that you are likable for the other gun people you find out there and the range staff. You are also wondering how not to appear suspicious and expose your second persona thereby blowing your cover. Or maybe you have a friend or lover who is into guns, and you really want to impress them as a fun gun person. Whatever your reasons might be, it will encourage you to know that most gun communities are not as intimidating as they may seem from a distance. In fact, you might find them very encouraging for beginners and nerds alike to come learn and sharpen their gun operation skills. Unless of course, you run into some yahoos in which case you can always try again later.

Read and understand the rules
Rules might not seem to be the best thing you learn about shooting at the Gun Range, but they are for your own safety just the same. You should learn all of them by heart so you can avoid being an offender and drawing attention to yourself as this can be might uncomfortable.

Spend time practicing all gun safety handling procedures at Firearm Facilities
Handling gun safely is a lot like riding a bike for the first time. Your instructor can spend hours on end trying to explain how to do it right, but until you try it, you cannot do it right. You should dedicate plenty of time, in the beginning, to learn about gun safety and handling and put you newly acquired skills to the test without arming the weapon. Only when you are competent in this are you supposed to proceed to fire your first shot.

It’s ok not knowing
You don’t have to know everything just because you are the guy holding the gun. Forget everything you have seen in the movies. This is the real world and real lives including yours are at stake so you should not pull anything from your action movies to real life. Asking for help will make the other shooters and staff want to help you and like you more. That wants you to want.

Don’t blow your cover showing unsafe behavior.
If you are pretending to be knowledgeable yet you are displaying unsafe behavior at the Shooting Range, you are likely to rouse suspicion of onlookers. You are most likely going to be summoned by your RSO, and your ignorance might cost you your membership. Instead, it is always better to embrace your ignorance and learn safety procedures and practice them until you are doing it right.

In doubt? Ask.
Finally, whenever you experience a problem call for help. Ask you RSO. Don’t peek into your gun. Don’t point your gun at your toes. Bad things tend to happen when you do. Just because gun accidents are rare doesn’t mean they can’t happen to you. If, for instance, you have been accurately keeping track of the rounds you load and the ones you have fired and this one time you pull the trigger, and it just clicks while you can almost swear there is a round in there, place the gun on the bench muzzle downrange and call for help from your RSO immediately.

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